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Fulfilled Wishes

Beginning with Most Recent……………

Carol Manning                          Received an electric recliner for bed rest

Albert Ballard                            Had a short getaway to Las Vegas
Annie Grey                                 An 80th Birthday with family & friends
Bob McCutheson                     Computer help and electrical work
Paul Brown                               Family Evening at Antioch Speedway 
Nida Monteverde                    Enjoyed a “Surprise” Birthday party
Charlene Emmons                   Restful Trip to Maui 
Manuel Loera                            Day Trip and lunch with his wife 
JoAnn Kirkpatrick                     A surprise visit from her son from Oregon
Ray Loveday                              Sturgeon fishing trip on the Bay
Mila Bell                                     Sunday Brunch at The Claremont
Frank Botts                                Train ride to Oakland & lunch at Scott’s
Frances Walsh                           Wanted her own iPad to see distant  family
Patricia Armstrong                   Had transportation to see her ill mom 
John Butalla                               Enjoying restful sleep with his new recliner
Winifred Grogan                       Visit to the Holy Land Experience in Fla. 

Angel Morris                             86th Birthday Lunch for family at Lone Tree

Betty Smigiel                              Wished for a flat screen TV

Jane Parsons                              Surprise interior paint job arranged by family

Ellis Hudson                               Arranged para-transit for Ellis to attend daughter's graduation

Gordon Choyce                         Had a helicopter ride over SF Bay

Marilyn Finson                          Enjoyed the visit from her grandson from Atlanta

Annie Gray                                 A Birthday Party in January with family&friends

Elena Navidad                           Rode in a limo for Christmas light tour in SF & dinner

Carolyn Eames                          Got her smile back with major dental work

Rita Lowell                                 Enjoyed a private docent tour at DeYoung Museum

Fannie Custer                           Had a visit from her two brothers from the east coast

Lucy Castillo                              Lucy received a special mattress & bedding from Mancini's

Donna Plischke                         Had a beach house vacation in Santa Cruz with her family

Patty Rizzo                                 Patty wished to visit her favorite place in Arnold

Elizabeth DeLong                     Her daughter & family visited her from Oregon

Marge Hofferber                      Visited her ill sister in Carson City for a week

Phillip Paulson                          Join his Discovery Bay Lions on a cruise in DB

Sheryl Wilson                            A personal tour of AT&T Park, a visit with players, and attend a game

Velma Jones                              New York was brought to her with a New York Themed party

Maxim Persidsky                      Needed help retrieving lifelong keepsakes & valuable books

Gail Walker                                Revisited Honolulu to re-live the memories from her childhood

Ninevah William                       Received hearing aids

Elsie Pray                                   Treated her son and daughter-in-law to dinner at Scott's Restaurant

Hope Hopper                            Ocean stay at favorite spot at Sea Ranch

Dennis Roderick                       Special meal with family and friends for 92nd birthday

Winnifred Senn                         Donation of cow to Heifer International in her name

Bert Mayr                                   Brother and sister flown in for 92nd birthday

Joel Rusk                                    Given a jazzed themed birthday party

L.W. Barber                                Home with family in Memphis for care after the death of his daughter

Don Blairsdale                           Visited the San Francisco Aquarium and Cliff House

William Lawrie                           Got a tour and a visit with the Roddy's and time with the horses

Robert Hynes                            Provided with a cell phone to talk to his family

Mohinder Kaur                         Transportation to visit her husband in Martinez

Williams Jacobs                         An Alaskan cruise with his wife Anita

Mary Ann Hunter                      A visit to family in Mobile, Alabama

Betty Lozano                             Talked with sister in Florida on Skype

Gordon Cooper                        Trip to Phoenix to see great grand daughter

Cathryn Callahan                     Alaskan Cruise

Nellie Huillade                          Birthday Cake and Balloons for her 99th Birthday at Cortona Park

John Forlow                               Anniversary Dinner delivered to he and his wife

Anne Smith                               Celebrated Mickey Mouse Cake, and signed pictures from characters

Shirley Lober                             Requested a DNA Test to trace Cherokee Ancestry

Willie Mae Mills                         Her son visited from Louisiana

Delia Hill                                     Thunder Valley Casino Overnight with her daughter

Tony Gonsalves                         Trip to SF Giants Game at AT&T Park for family of 10

Terrance Barnett                       Went to see Lake Tahoe one last time

Pat Moal                                     75th Birthday Celebration with friends and family

Lillian Drake                               Working to publish music that she wrote

Rocelle Jacobs                            Birthday trip to Denver  to see grandchildren

Anne Forsyth                             Monterey overnight with daughters and grandchildren

William Griffin                           92nd Birthday Party for family

Aurelio Montverde                   Sent granddaughter to Washington DC for class trip

Orland Loon                              Went for laps at Infineon Raceway in sports car

Mitchell Bradshaw                   Special dinner at Cap’s with family in limo

Robert Mitchell                         Membership at DeYoung Museum for Van Gogh exhibit

Donald Smith                            Visited favorite sister in Florida

Frances Southern                     Visited son in prison with family

Exie Hollinsworth                     Enjoyed a new keyboard to play music again

Sandra Cannon                         Monterey Aquarium & overnight with sister

Patricia Hedges                         Wente Vineyards Concert with daughters and overnight stay

Fern Key                                     Had an overnight at Cache Creek with daughters

Ruth Foster                                Went to San Miquel Mission in Paso Robles

Susan Righter                            Went to Montana with friend to work with fossils

John Power                                Wanted to have a special dinner with friend in limo

Janice Powell                             Las Vegas Trip with Friends

Kathleen Mills                           Computer with dial-up to visit with family in service

Pearle Mae Riley                       Had her dentures adjusted

Juliaanne Stephens                  Wanted laptop computer to write her life history

Virginia Blake                            Flew in sons from Detroit for a visit

Ruby Adair                                 Had family flown here for “Celebration of Life”

Katheryn Matthews                  Went to family reunion in Louisiana

Edward La Coste                       Had a week in Wash. D.C. with White House Tour

Marti Haris                                 Wanted her book of poetry published

Jesse Martinez                           Wanted lunch with friends from exercise class

Robert Law                                 Wanted a limo ride for caretakers & dinner

William Wallace                         Family came from out of town for dinner

Cathleen Williams                     Her nephew came from Arizona

Clint Stater                                 Enjoyed a stay in Napa with family

Edward Pena                              Family came to be with him one last time from Or.

Nancy Sansom                           Rode limo to SF to see the ocean & have lunch

Katherine Sandoval                   Wanted to attend son’s wedding in Minnesota

Karen Lidyard                             Limo ride with family of 16 to House of Prime Rib

Richard Bsharah                        Loved his trip on a Navy Ship in SF

Manzar Najafi                             She wanted to see brother in Las Vegas

Ida Cunningham                        Wanted dentures adjusted to enjoy eating out

Martha “Annie” Turley               Enjoyed a Las Vegas trip with daughters

James McVey                               Wanted hearing aids repaired

Alida Fletcher                              Surprise visit from her niece in So Dakota

Henry Pries                                  Had daughters flown here for a visit

Judy Clancey                                Provided with a power wheelchair

Marilou Sandborn                      Had a Las Vegas trip with daughter & friends

Dorothea Christopher               Family flown here for Christmas Birthday

Howard Smith                             Enjoyed an “A’s” playoff game with son

Bob Brownlee                             Day on the Delta with family on a houseboat

Charles Pulley                             A Dream Vacation to Alaska

Mike Eastwood                           Enjoyed a family cruise to Hawaii

Annie Brown                               Received new hearing aids

Guadalupe Rodriques               Saw the sunset in her Homeland, Hawaii

Adolph Peterson                        Fixed a special watch from his dad

Lucille Natto                                Wished for a TV at her Nursing Home

Lee Haywood                              Son came for a visit one last time

Barbara Thorndike                     Continued with care at Bedford Center

Alicia Cicardini                             She and her daughter visited friends in Napa

Anita Spencer                              Had lunch with her Red Hat friends

Tom Beagle                                  Flew to Broadway New York with his wife

Frank Weber                                Shared a catered dinner with nine children

Eddy Fuentes                               Visited by siblings from Texas for a party

Frances Tripp                               Wished for a computer for e‐mails to family

Doris Potter                                 Had a dream vacation in Hawaii

Jimmie Williams                          Enjoyed a “jazz session” & spaghetti dinner

Lou Mundell                                Had a dinner & dance party with friends

Julian Ignacio                               Got a new air conditioner

Jane Woltz                                    Had family in for a “sushi dinner

Ed Harbaugh                               Stayed at the ocean one last time

Pauline Kelleher                         Shared Anniversary with sister from Canada

Thelma Crowe                            Saw Knute Rockne Museum at Notre Dame

Gerard Casino                            Wanted a Queen-sized bed for Anniversary

Barbara Jackson                         Flew to Family Reunion in Louisiana

James Deizell                              Dined at elegant restaurant with family

James Rubino                             Flew to Dallas Cowboy Game with his wife

Jimmie Archinal                          Had dentures adjusted for favorite meal

Arlene Matsuda                          Had limo ride to Reno with daughters

Arla Rae Padilla                           Best friend came to visit from So. Carolina

Zeferino Nicilas                           Visited with family by phone in Mexico

Mildred Maness                          Enjoyed many favorite foods delivered to her home

Iris Morello                                  Planned Thanksgiving Dinner for caregivers

Baz Bahaduri                              Had his art framed for family

Mary Boggess                             Received an electric recliner

Lethan Gulley                             Flew home to Ohio to be weith family

Zakia Yusuf                                 Visit from daughter from Canada

Mohammed Gardizi                  Received telephone cards to call relatives

Rudolph Wessel                         Visited daughter by train in San Diego

Lois Robinson                             Enjoyed the Hornblower with family

Dora Hutson                               Wanted art classes in her home

Bill Mooney                                 Wished for new dentures

Pat Huber                                    Enjoyed catered family dinner

Janet Martin                                Had a family visit to Salt Lake City

Neil Williams                               Went fishing in the Delta one last time

Willie Wilson                               Had his niece visit from Texas

James Stevens                            Received Clint Eastwood memorabilia

Paul Day                                      Went to a St Louis Cardinals Game

Marcelo Araiza                           Received new dentures

Ruth Falkner                               Enjoyed a huge “basket of fresh fruit”

Donna Harrington                     Attended a Denver Bronco Game


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