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​Caring for an elderly friend, parent or loved one can be one of life's most consuming tasks. Sometimes the days are so long and tiring especially if the person you are caring for has a life-threatening illness. This is where An Elderly Wish Foundation can help. Our foundation will grant that special senior a "wish".  It may be something that is just enough to bring a smile to their face or joy and happiness during this difficult time.

How to Request a Wish

To help make your wish come true, we need a few things to get started. We ask that you take the following steps:

  • Write a paragraph explaining your wish.

  • Complete the Request Form (see pdf below).

  • Have your physician or medical care provider complete the Physician Statement (see pdf below).

  • Include a photo of yourself (optional).

Once you have completed the four steps and send the packet to,

An Elderly Wish Foundation
P.O. Box 4365
Antioch, California 94531-4365

The Board of Directors will verify your eligibility, contact you with any questions, and get started on your wish.

Meet the Board of Directors

Nora VonUbin , Secretary

Martha Goralka, Treasurer

David Ayala

William A. Chapman

Tracy L. Brown

Cheryl Camus Tuano

Lori Ogorchock

Nancy Raniere

Mary Chapman, Executive Director





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