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How Wishes Are Granted

Dear Wish Applicant,

All of us at An Elderly Wish Foundation are proud to offer you hope during this difficult time. We believe that every human being, 60 years or older, deserves to ask for a special wish. An Elderly Wish Foundation is a non-profit organization which “makes wishes come true”, for the terminally ill elderly and those with life threatening diseases (e.g. Alzheimers, AIDs, Congestive Heart Disease (COPD), renal disease), in Contra Costa County.

By working together, with people helping people, we look forward to granting your special wish. Once you have completed this form, mail it to us, and we will get started on your request.


An Elderly Wish Foundation

An Elderly Wish Foundation is located in Antioch, California. Due to current funding and staffing constraints, we must limit our focus to meet the needs of Contra Costa County residents only. We look forward to "making your wishes come true."

How to Request a Wish

To help make your wish come true, we need a few things to get started. We ask that you take the following steps:

  • Write a paragraph explaining your wish.

  • Complete the Request Form (see pdf below).

  • Have your physician or medical care provider complete the Physician Statement (see pdf below).

  • Include a photo of yourself (optional).

Once you have completed the four steps and send the packet to,

An Elderly Wish Foundation
P.O. Box 4365
Antioch, California 94531-4365

We will verify your eligibility, contact you with any questions, and get started on your wish.

Step 1: Wish Request Letter or Fax

As part of your wish request, we ask that you send us a personal note, written by you, or a close family member, describing your wish, why you need our help, and the importance or significance of the wish to you. We want you to tell us WHY this wish matters to you, and HOW this wish will provide you with a greater sense of comfort and fulfillment. Your letter or fax should:

    Refer to the illness you are battling
    Clearly describe what your special wish is
    If your wish involves air travel, include the airport of departure and desired dates for travel

Unfortunately, we cannot grant the following types of wishes:

    Requests for cash, automobiles, or property;
    Requests for foreign travel or visas
    Requests to pay for medical treatments or legal assistance

Step 2: Fill Out Wish Request Form
Step 3: Physician’s Statement of Eligibility
Step 4: Enclose a Photograph (Optional)


Thanks to everyone who supported our

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All donations of time, money or in-kind gifts are tax deductible.

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