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Charlotte's Wish


and Gilbert's daughter wrote us asking for one last trip to Carmel for her parents. They were married there and have spent their anniversaries (60+) there. Charlotte is in hospice with leukemia and Gilbert has Dementia. We were able to book their stay at the same place they've always stayed. Below is their message...

We just wanted to say Thank You!!!! We had a wonderful time in Carmel. Mom and Dad enjoyed themselves so much. We were able to get them down to the ocean, 17 mile drive and seeing the Lone Cypress Tree plus The Church where they were married!! We had some great meals with mom getting her clam chowder along with her fish and chips! Mom's words were "Fantastic, more than I imagined". "I didn't think I would ever see the ocean and Carmel again". A Dream came true. She is feeling so very Blessed! Todd and I were both able to join Mom and Dad

Thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts.

Charlotte, Gilbert, Stacy and Todd Goulart September 23, 2022




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