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Susan Uribe Wish

This past Saturday, September 2nd, Susan Uribe and her daughter Jillian were treated to a day at Sawa Spa in Trilogy where they received massages and then enjoyed a delicious lunch on the patio. Here is her daughter's wish for he mother. My mother was diagnosed with kidney disease several years ago, my mom's time finally came for a kidney transplant in August of 2022. What is typically a routine transplant instead became the start of my mom’s new medical journal. She was re-hospitalized several times with kidney/bladder infections, then getting Covid. This triggered a syndrome called CMV which has challenged my mom physically and emotionally. The medication she takes for this causes her to shake and leaves an unpleasant taste in her mouth making it difficult to enjoy the sense of taste. . My wish for my mom is a day of relaxation. A visit to a spa, a massage, or time at a country club by the pool. She has worked hard taking care of my brother and I, is currently working hard to make sure her body adjusts to this new kidney appropriately, and she is so deserving of something like this.

Thank you, Jillian Uribe-Tkachenko



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